Ad Infinitum by William Fripp

71j6qqjmpllWilliam Fripp has created a dark universe that blends the style of Stephen King with the cosmic nihilism of Lovecraft. The idea is intriguing and the imagery is superb. Fripp has written characters that are engaging and has crafted a villain that grips you by the throat and refuses to let you go until the book is finished.

Ad Infinitum is a retelling of the basic core mythos of Christianity; where instead of Christ or Angels we have the Sojourners. They are an ancient entity that seeds life across the universe – until the one known as The Other becomes a dark and twisted force of evil.

Through thousands of years of reincarnations the Sojourners have watched and subtly guided life on Earth; and for thousands of years, so has The Other. But now it has found it does not need to be reborn, but can pass between bodies at the moment of death. With this knowledge it starts killing its way through humanity, leapfrogging between bodies. Soon, its destination is in sight and once it is in Washington it will have enough influence over the course of mankind that it will set the world aflame.

William Fripp has written a multi-layered and complex story with colorful characters. Like a spiritual superhero origin story, individuals discover and learn how to use their latent psychic abilities in the war against evil, complete with melodramatic backstories and tragic love stories.

Ad Infinitum boils down to a selection of main characters: Kimberly Holly who must survive the physical and spiritual assault of being hostage to The Other; Aaron Stiles, a college graduate who’s sudden development of strange and powerful abilities find him medicated and isolated in a mental health institution; Detective Anne Richards, investigating the gruesome murders which are somehow all connected, and Indirah Singh and Mwele Botu – two powerful incarnations of Sojourners who are connected to everyone and involved in everything, who are fighting against time to save teach Aaron to control his abilities, help Detective Richards find Kimberly before she is killed by The Other, and confront the ancient enemy and defeat him.

William Fripp doesn’t leave you time to catch your breath as he takes you for a ride through a world where entities that birthed stories of Angels and Demons walk among us, and where the human soul is the most powerful force in the universe. Ad infinitum is his first published book and can be bought from Amazon here. He has also written a sequel called Ad Perpetuam, which can also be bought from Amazon.

I give Ad Infinitum 4/5.

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