About Adrian McCauley

steampunk me

I worked almost my entire adult life in the meat industry in some aspect: at the freezing works, in various retail butcheries, working my way up into management level in a large retail chain. Due to the pressures of working in an unhealthy environment and often finding myself averaging 70-80 hours a week, I suffered a very significant depressive episode, experiencing an emotional breakdown and extreme burnout simultaneously.

Now, still technically unemployed and pursuing a more sustainable relationship to the world, I am helping my wife bring up our children while finally having the time, the mental energy and the drive to reinvest myself in my great passion – writing.

As well as having numerous pieces of short fiction published as well as articles, I have also been short listed in different competitions. I am currently reviewing new-to-market genre stories for TangentOnline while also taking part in the Ubiquicity Project. When not working on these, I read and review a range of classic and modern genre novels. I am also working on my first novel which I hope to have published by the end of this year.

I have two children, with a third on it’s way. I live near the coast in the small tourist town of Oamaru, New Zealand – famed internationally for it’s annual Steampunk festival – and I have a three legged cat called Freyja. When she isn’t stalking one of our chickens she sits patiently on her cat-tower inside where I have taught her to perform high-fives when she’s hungry.